A classic question when applying to a bartending school is, "how much does bartending school cost?" The cost of bartender school will vary depending whether you choose to participate in an online class or attend a live course in your local area. The costs between online and live courses will differ greatly, but in most cases you will always get what you pay for.

The cost of bartending school through an online institute will always be a little cheaper, ranging anywhere between $79-150. Beware, though, as most online bartender schools will also charge extra for bartending kits, books and materials, and flair videos. Some of these items are absolutely voluntary, but will be beneficial in the long run of learning how to bartend. Another fee you may not be aware of is the certifications some online schools may or may not package in their online school. These certifications are usually known as TIPS, SERVSAFE, and others similar to those.

The cost of bartender's school in your local area will always be higher and it will take a lot longer to satisfy the course requirements. General costs for a bartending school in your local area will generally range from $199-550 to cover the costs of the teacher, materials, and will generally include a certificate. In addition to the costs of the bartender school, most schools also offer extracurricular courses such as flair bartending for a nominal fee. Although these extras aren't necessary, they will help separate you from the rest of the class.

There is no definitive pricing for any of the bartending schools that you will find. Just live by the guideline, "you always get what you pay for." The cost of bartender school will ultimately be determined by your decisions on attendance: online or local. I do recommend not jumping into a bartender school based on price alone, but also look into the accredited history and reviews posted by others who attended before you.