When choosing your center of higher learning, you should be aware that there are differences between an online bartending school and your local bartending schools. You will encounter slight cost differences between the two types of schools. An online bartending school may be a lower upfront cost, but may require you to purchase extras to help with the learning experience. Although these practice kits are not required, for a nominal fee you will be able to get more of a feel for the bartending experience. A local bartender school, although higher in cost, will supply all tools needed and give you the face-to-face time needed to practice being a true bartender through in-depth training from an experienced trainer.

You will find that an online bartending school is far more flexible in hours, though, and you will learn as much as you choose to put into it. For the less self-motivated, the local bartender school will provide you the same education, but in a fixed time slot during a scheduled day of the week. Your level of flexibility is key in the decision process, but either option will provide you with a greater knowledge of liquor, drink making, and all aspects of the bartending occupation.