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A Bartender Shares His Opinions

Some Feelings Shared by a Bartender Most people take the presumptuous stance on becoming and being a bartender.  As opposed to popular belief, though, many people aren’t capable of being a bartender.  Bartenders are to take on many roles to fulfill their obligation to society’s meek, but most only seek employment as a bartender as [...]

How Many Pints of Beer in Different Sized Kegs?

Keg Sizes for Beer: Pony, Mini and Regular Wondering aimlessly through the Internet to find the answer to a particular question can sometimes be tedious.  I recently found this to be true when searching for particulars pertaining to barrels of beer.  One of the basic skills of a bartender is to price drinks. In order [...]

In a Bartender’s Own Words: A Revealing Interview

Bartender Interview Reveals A Lot For Aspiring Bartenders Recently I took a questionnaire among the local bartenders so all of the readers can grasp the process of becoming a bartender.  Many of the bartenders I have met have gotten lucky and made the right contacts at the right times.  Don’t be discouraged, though, I have [...]

How to Appreciate Seasonal Beers

Bartenders and the Beer they Serve Beer is a wonderful way to remind us of the ever-changing seasons.  While some brews are made year round, the seasonal beers remind us of the particulars of thirst as each season arrives.  The thirsts are vast and different in each seasonal beer.   With winter thirst providing a robust [...]