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Some Feelings Shared by a Bartender

Most people take the presumptuous stance on becoming and being a bartender.  As opposed to popular belief, though, many people aren’t capable of being a bartender.  Bartenders are to take on many roles to fulfill their obligation to society’s meek, but most only seek employment as a bartender as a means to an end.  One may say that the bartender will and shall take on many facets of responsibilities including, but not limited to, a psychologist, friend, fun facilitator, or even a person just to talk to. 

I believe that everyone has the learning ability to make a cocktail or pour a beer, but it takes a special person to be able to perform all of the aforementioned tasks while still maintaining their bar and ensuring a good time.  This is a special skill that can be a prelude to a true altruistic personality, while making friends and money can be a great by-product of this disappearing trait.  This is something that can’t be learned or taught by a school or from your trainer.  Traits like these come from the person’s actual belief in the goodness of other people and the willingness to improve another person’s situation without the attraction of the monetary benefit that will be included.  Altruism at it’s best?  Probably not. 

Although, these thoughts seem to be a dying fad, I hope that people will be more open to letting the past become the future in this everlasting industry.  It reminds me of a time before prescriptions and medicines to make you feel better about yourself.  It’s a time where people actually cared about one another and everyone committed to better society.  Although this rant may not hold water in every sense, it would be unjust to allow new additions to this industry without the intangibles that accompany this job.

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