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Bartenders and the Beer they Serve

Beer is a wonderful way to remind us of the ever-changing seasons.  While some brews are made year round, the seasonal beers remind us of the particulars of thirst as each season arrives.  The thirsts are vast and different in each seasonal beer.   With winter thirst providing a robust taste in a stout and the summer time beers reminisce a joyful time with hints of citrus in the zesty ales.  Since it is winter, though, I do want to remind everyone to get out and enjoy the porters, IPA’s, and stouts that so generously get influxes of higher alcohol content as well as taste. All servers who complete bartending school can help you choose one.

With wintertime finally in full effect down in Florida, we get to fully enjoy the robust, filling flavors of the stouts and dark ales.  The only way to fully embrace the cold, depressing weather is with one of these seasonal beers to keep the cold at bay.  Lagunitas brewing company is one of these companies that fully embrace each season to the fullest with their holiday ale.  These beers give each of their drinkers a reason to look forward to the next cold winter.   The brown sugar and 7.9% ABV brings this IPA into a world of its own and reminds the drinker that the winter season isn’t totally bad.

As you start heading to your favorite local pub this winter season, don’t be afraid to jump in to uncharted waters and try something new.  A seasonal beer would be a perfect reason to stray from your everyday domestic beers and expand your knowledge of beer.  It’s understandable for most people who are used to their low calorie, flavorless, and esoteric beer to not ever consider the remarkable and complex flavors that craft beers entail, but sometimes change can lead to a greater knowledge and interest in the fine craft of beer making.  What better way to adjust your drinking routine than with newly introduced seasonal ales?

Just like the seasons, many seasonal beers may not peak everyone’s interest.  Either way, everyone should embrace each seasonal beer as they would with the beginning of each season…. with love and gratitude.  Don’t just write off one bad experience and stray back to your everyday routine.  Make your New Year’s resolution to try something different and new. Ask your bartender who knows the basics to recommend the right beer for you.

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