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Keg Sizes for Beer: Pony, Mini and Regular

Wondering aimlessly through the Internet to find the answer to a particular question can sometimes be tedious.  I recently found this to be true when searching for particulars pertaining to barrels of beer.  One of the basic skills of a bartender is to price drinks. In order to price beers, one must know how many beers actually come in a keg of beer and the following list will help you adjust your prices accordingly.  This list may even come in handy if you are just having a party or throwing an event.  It never hurts to know exactly how many beers you have on hand at any time.

Keg Beer Specs:

1/2 barrel:
124 pints  – 16 oz.
165 – 12 oz.
15.5 gallons/ 1/2 barrel
1984 oz./ 1/2 barrel 

1/4 barrel:
62 pints – 16 oz.
83 – 12 oz.
7.75 gallons/ 1/4 barrel
992 oz./ 1/4 barrel

1/6 barrel:
41 pints – 16 oz.
55 – 12 oz.
5.16 gallons/ 1/6 barrel  
660.48 oz./ 1/6 barrel

I hope everyone finds this list helpful.  I have found a lot of bad information on the web when it comes to learning the specifications of a keg of beer.  This list is also set up so you can find out exactly how many beers you have depending on the serving size you choose to go with. Inventory control is just one of the on-the-job duties of a bartender. A little math never hurt anyone.

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